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magazineBerry Best Preschool Program is recommended by the "Homeschool Magazine"!

Berry Best Preschool Program was reviewed by "Early Education Resource" with a great review!

Berry Best Preschool Program is a monthly preschool curriculum and preschool craft program for children ages 2-5.  The preschool program offers creativity every month and it is structured so your child or group will learn as they are having fun!  If you cross reference to the "theme" page, you will find an outline for each day.  This outline will give you everything that will be reviewed for the month.  The seven domains of school readiness are incorporated in our preschool  curriculum.  These would include: social and personal development, language, scientific thinking, social studies, arts and health.  All of these are integrated in our preschool curriculum and preschool crafts throughout each month.

Our preschool program offers the most creative arts and crafts activities.  We recognize thecharacter1 importance of exploration in imagination and creation that early childhood requires.  The Berry Best Preschool Program provides this throughout the innovative preschool activities.  We are the most affordable preschool program that offers quality, quantity and manageability.

Berry Best is unique because it was being developed as children were using it.  In comparison to people at corporations who collaborate to create activities.  Berry Best Preschool Program was created hands on with the children!


What is included in our preschool program?

Berry Best includes accessories with the crafts.  We use fun and crafty pieces to make each project creative and eventful for the children.  The accessories are included in each bag for each day.




The crafts are on printed on construction paper and the curriculum is printed on color worksheet paper.




We all know that Structure is the key to having a good positive engaging day with children!  If you have audio difficulties, here is the narration of what is happening in this picture.

If you aren't organized as a parent and or a daycare provider...you can have chaos and mass confusion take over!  If you're not prepared, the children will scoop in and well....then...you have yourself a MESS!  Stress and anxiety will only make your day go the opposite way.  Now, take a look at this woman.  She is about to lose her hair!  The children have taken over and the house is about to come down!  So as you can imagine, time is a factor in teaching and keeping a child's attention.

Snapshot 2 (4-29-2013 11-14 AM)












Snapshot 2 (5-16-2013 7-02 PM)Teaching your children is imperative in having a structured organized learning program that is fun and engaging.  A structured learning program equals....a calm, more subdue environment with smiles and happy faces ready to learning and have a joyful time!







It is so rewarding for all of us to see a glowing smile on a little one's face!!!

Snapshot 4 (4-29-2013 11-34 AM)









Order your preschool program for your little one or mix and match.  Your preschool group will have fun together!