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We are a 2 year preschool curriculum program. We include letter, number and shape flashcards. A learning game every month! Large teacher calendar! Weather Display and Alphabet Strip! Fun filled crafts and curriculum everyday! Berry Best Home Preschool Program is designed for home daycare providers, stay at home parents and preschools. We provide the most affordable and quality preschool program! Berry Best daycare curriculum and preschool crafts are created for a mixed age group for ages 2 to 5. The Toddler program is designed for ages 18 months to 2. Mix and match if you have little ones and preschoolers! Our preschool curriculum program teaches children the essential requirements to prepare your child or childcare group for kindergarten. Our preschool program activities kit will provide your children with 45-60 take home projects every month! If you don't want loose preschool curriculum with your crafts, you can order crafts with a workbook for more of a school structure! The composition of our preschool program is all about early childhood and what the children need to learn through the preschool activities and preschool curriculum. The preschool curriculum is child centered. If it's not meaningful to the children, they won't learn the essential facts and skills that are being taught to them. Children love our preschool program!

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Parents/Daycare Providers

Our preschool curriculum and preschool crafts are designed to accommodate one child to a group of children.
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